Best FileMan

Best FileMan 1.04.1

Explore your S80 device with new and interesting functions

This application is a quick and handy File Manager with all the necessary functions, which also lets you create and unpack Zip archives.


  • Two panels view - in this mode both left and right panels will be switched to list view

  • Explorer style view - in this mode one of the panels will become a list view and another one - a tree view

  • Quick info - this informational panel shows information about the selected file in the other panel

  • Drive info - this informational panel shows information about the current disk in the other panel

  • Swap panels

  • Zoom in/out (hot key: Chr+Up/Down)


  • Copy/Move - copy/move selected file(s) or/and folder(s) to the other panel. If a file cannot be copied/moved to the other panel, it is moved to clipboard, and after that it can copied/moved to a desired place by selecting Paste command

  • Cut - cut selected file(s) or/and folder(s)

  • Paste - paste copied or cut file(s) or/and folder(s)

  • Rename - rename file or folder

  • New folder - create new folder

  • Delete - delete all selected file(s) or/and folder(s)

  • Set Attr - set attributes of files or/and folders. This function works recursively - it sets attributes for all files in subfolders

  • Add shortcut - assign a folder shortcut. With the help of this feature you can navigate fast in BestFileMan. E.g., if you assign a shortcut to "Shortcut 'Shift+1'" you can press Shift+1 to open a previously selected folder. In order to create a shortcut use Ctrl+Shift+N (N is digit from 0 to 9)

  • Create new archive

A powerful file manager for Series 80 mobile phones.

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Best FileMan


Best FileMan 1.04.1

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